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We all agree that Colour is the first feature you notice about any product, before even its quality and durability is known by us.

Sudeep Industries is a world-class Reactive Dyes manufacturer and exporter.

Considered by many as the most established Reactive Dyes manufacturer in India, we have made a commitment to product quality, Industrial safety and Technical strength. This reflects in our manufacturing and quality assurance processes.

In addition to manufacturing, we export as well. We spread colours worldwide, and operate across 4 continents.

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What is a Special Reactive Dye?

Reactive dyes are highly coloured organic substances that are used for colouring textiles. The term ‘reactive’ itself refers to the chemical reaction that takes place when a reactive dye is applied to fibre. The molecule of the dye forms a covalent bond with the fibre - this is one of the strongest types of chemical reactions, and ensures that the colouring is permanent. Unlike other dyestuffs that adhere to the material by absorption, Special Reactive Dyes have a strong attachment and are seldom removed by washing.

No more Colour Loss !!

One of the most troubling issues faced by any reactive dyes manufacturer is the loss in colour or bleeding after the dyeing process. Reactive dyes work best with cellulose materials, such as cotton and flax; in fact, reactive dyeing is the foremost method for dyeing cellulosic fibre. Other materials such as wool and nylon can also be dyed with reactive dyes. Reactive dyeing of cotton, however, is the most common method of textile dyeing followed across the world. No matter how bright the colour, you can safely put it in for a wash with your whites. What more could any end user want ?

Looking for a Reactive Dyes exporter?

If you are looking for reliable quality, look no further. At Sudeep, we adore colours ! As a specialized reactive dyes and formulation company, it is our primary objective to make high-quality dyeing durable, reliable and accessible to our customers. We are currently operating in 11 countries across 4 continents and with high Customer Satisfaction Index, spreading our wings further into horizon.

The Reactive Dye manufacturing process

Our focus is on adhering to the best possible, most sound and environment-friendly reactive dyes manufacture , without compromising product quality and safety. We constantly work to improve and refine our processes, procure best quality raw materials and make our products more sustainable as per our Customers needs in their respective markets. We are our own competitors and critics, hence strive more to achieve our business goals.

Reactive dyes differ from natural dyes on account of chemical properties such as reactivity and their resistance to water. The reactive dyes manufacturing process has to carefully take this into account, and minutely monitor all parameters during production to match the chemical properties of the dye with the chemical properties of the textile that has to be dyed. Consistently improving the process plans helps to achieve high yields with low variation.