Textile Auxiliaries

Sudeep Industries is one of the foremost textile auxiliaries manufacturers and exporters of high quality dyes, textile auxiliaries and printing inks in the world today.

In the dyeing industry, textile auxiliaries are used widely in the manufacture of polyester, silk, wool as well as cotton fibres. Easy to use, supremely reliable and manufactured using the highest standards of production, Sudeep’s textile auxiliaries face no competition in terms of colour and dyeing results. In addition to providing excellent results, textile auxiliaries are superior in quality while still being extremely cost-effective and economical.

Having trouble finding a reliable? You’ve come to the right place. Sudeep Industries is among the most reputable textile auxiliaries exporters and manufacturers in the country today.


A little more about textile auxiliaries

Primarily used for the washing and dyeing of yarns and fabrics, textile auxiliaries have a wide range of usage - they can be used for pre-treatment, sizing and printing, as well as dyeing and finishing.

Pre-treatment chemicals work as an effective stain and include wetting and rewetting agents, as well as stabilizing agents. Dyeing and printing auxiliaries, on the other hand, work well for the colouring and printing of textiles, and include pH buffers, dispersing agents, anti-migrating agents for dyeing, defoamers and dye finishing agents. Finally, to achieve a high-end finish and sheen on the product, sizing and finishing auxiliaries come handy. Important finishing products include silicone micro-emulsions and softeners of all types - cationic and non-ionic.

Our standards and values are visible in all our products

As a textile auxiliaries manufacturer based on the bedrock of unshakeable values, we provide impeccable production standards at the best possible prices. Our quality and delivery remains consistent, providing the best value to customers in India as well as outside. Our commitment remains the same, whether as a textile auxiliaries exporter or manufacturer - our customers are more than clients, they become our partners instead.

In order to achieve the best quality possible, all textile auxiliaries manufacturers have to keep a few principles in mind during the manufacturing process to achieve the highest standards. Textile auxiliaries find application across the industry, because of a number of properties - they act as softeners, have to stablilize alkaline pH values and act as effective binders. In addition, they act as a levelling emulsifier as well. This is why they find widespread usage across different fabric applications.